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Location & Directions

How to get to Finca Can Tunicu in Ibiza or important information and details for the route

Probably all roads lead to Rome, but not all roads lead to Can Tunicu in Ibiza!

Ibiza (IBZ)
→ 24-28 km/15-17 miles (depending on the route chosen)

Ferry port: 
• Eivissa/Ibiza town  
→ 19-21 km/12-13 miles (depending on the route chosen)
• Sant Antoni de Portmany/San Antonio 
→ 9 km/5.5 miles

The rent of a car at the airport is essential and necessary to get to Can Tunicu and from there everywhere! It does not necessarily have to be a four-wheel drive vehicle, but should be reasonably off-road or at least a no lowered car as the private access road in particular (approx. 300 m or 1,000 ft) is steep and bumpy, made of stones, chippings and soil only.

The last part of the public road to Finca Can Tunicu is the so-called Camí des Broll (path of the spring), an unpaved stretch that leads through the middle of an exceptional agricultural landscape. Coming from the south (Sant Antoni de Portmany/San Antonio or Sant Rafel de Sa Creu/San Rafael), it is about 2.6 km or 1.6 miles to the house and from the north (Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera) about 1.3 km or 0.8 miles.

The average journey time from the airport to Can Tunicu is about 30-40 minutes.

• via the EI-800, E-20, EI-300,EI-400, PMV-804-1,EI541 and SN-2, passing Ibiza Town and Santa Gertrudis
→ the slightly longer but also fastest route, which we recommend to guests in a hurry or especially when arriving after dark

• via the EI-800, E-20, C-731 and PMV-812-1, passing Ibiza Town and Sant Rafel via Forada
→ a relatively easy route to drive

• via the EI-700/PM-803, C-731 and PMV-812, passing Sant Josep and Sant Antoni de Portmany
→ perhaps the most scenic route, with village crossings in Sant Josep, Sant Agustí and views of the bay of Sant Antoni de Portmany

The exact coordinates of the house are: Lat: 39.021380 – Long: 1.360830.

Car hire → Rent-A-Car: 
As (almost) everywhere in the world, there are numerous international, national and local car rental companies in Ibiza. We have had very good experiences with the following company during previous activities in the hotel industry in Ibiza::

CLASS Renta-a-Car