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Es Broll de Buscastell -

the surrounding area

Es Broll de Buscastell - the surrounding area

This area forms one of the most beautiful landscapes of Ibiza. The valley, located in the heart of the municipality of Sant Antoni, follows the course of a torrent.

Finca Can Tunicu can only be reached via the Camí des Broll (path of the spring), an unpaved road that runs through the middle of an extraordinary agricultural landscape. Coming from the south on this road it is about 2.6 km to the house and from the north you drive about 1.3 km.

Here the plots were terraced on different levels and irrigated by a system of irrigation ditches, canals and basins built during the period of Arab rule. It is fed by water from the Es Broll spring, probably the most important aquifer on the island. This system forms a humid and fertile landscape where water plays an important role as it flows over the canals in the rainy season, crosses the paths and cascades down the ancient stone walls.

It is a unique environment, little frequented by tourists, but where you can still enjoy the authentic flavor of the Pitiusan countryside.


The following video shows the route to Finca Can Tunicu via the Camí des Broll (path of the spring) coming from the south.