The Beaches of Ibiza

An island is like a boat and for this reason we recommend that at the start of the day the first thing you should find out, before choosing a beach, is the direction of the wind. If you are looking for a calm sea, go to the opposite side of the island from the direction the wind is coming from, the leeward side in seaman's language. On the other hand, if you want a sea with greater movement, more appropriate for certain sports, go towards the part of the coast where the wind is coming from, the windward in the language of the sea.


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Ibiza town / Eivissa


Platja de Talamanca An enclosed bay of slight depth and very well sheltered from winds.


Platja de ses Figueretes A complex consisting of various inlets and small beaches, alternating with rocky corners.
San José / Sant Josep de sa Talaia


Platja d'en Bossa It constitutes one of the longest and most extensive beaches on the island, taking the form of an open bay facing the east.


Platja des Cavallet A long, open beach with extensive vegetation of conifers typical of the island.


Platja de ses Salines A long, open beach with extensive vegetation of conifers typical of the island.


Platja des Codolar A long, open beach with rounded boulders.


Es Bol Nou Complex of coves or sandy beaches alternating with stony inlets and rocky patches, situated among marine banks and in an enclosed bay.


Cala Jondal An ample bay well protected from winds and swell thanks its southerly orientation and the presence of two long capes at either end.


Es Xarco A small inlet, not very long and somewhat narrow and enclosed, surrounded by the typical conifer treesand in surroundings made humid by the presence of a river-bed.


Cala des Cubells Complex of three beaches or inlets made up of rounded boulders, separated by breakwaters or rocky outcrops.


Cala d'Hort Fairly well protected beach, taking the form of a very enclosed bay, with the mouth of a river-bed leading across the sand.


Cala Carbó A smallish beach which, thanks to its very enclosed surroundings is well protected.


Cala Vedella An inlet which takes the form of a pronounced and very enclosed cove.


Cala Molí A small enclosed cove of unusual charm with its views and with its pine wood reaching down to the sand on the beach itself.


Cala Tarida A beach of a fairly enclosed and sheltered form which offers many sections of flat rocks at the water's edge together with small islets making a beautiful and and varied whole.


Cala Codolar Typical form of a very enclosed cove of small dimensions with considerable charm and unchanged surroundings.


Platjes de Comte A long low extension of the coast which contains a group of small beaches of very fine sand interspersed with rocky inlets and very suitable for swimming.


Cala Bassa The actual beach is located in a large bay, fairly enclosed and sheltered.


Port des Torrent The beach is located in a well enclosed and sheltered bay.
San Antonio / Sant Antoni de Portmany


Es Pouet A fairly small cove which is found in an inlet of the Bay of San Antonio.


Platja de Sant Antoni or Platja de s'Arenal A section of San Antonio Bay comprising a long succession of narrow beaches.


Caló des Moro A small inlet on the coast in which natural sand from underwater banks has been incorporated.


Cala Gració and Gracioneta Two lovely inlets of fine sand separated by a small cape with numerous corners and flat rocks.


Cala Salada A group of beaches of fine sand alternating with platforms of rocks.
Santa Eulalia / Santa Eulària des Riu


Platja de Santa Eulària It is located in front of the town and within the large bay of Santa Eulária.


Cala Llonga Located at the far end of a deep inlet, open to the east and surrounded by steep hills which produce a steep coastline at either end of the beach.


Platja des Canar Located at the end of a shallow inlet with protection from an extensice cape.


Cala Llenya A typical beach with a good width carrying some way inland and also the mouth of a dry river-bed.


Platja des Figueral Group of sandy inlets with rocky areas; north-easterly aspect.


Platja de Can Martina This is a cove which forms part of a larger coastal inlet with mainly shallow waters.


Cala Pada A small cove flanked by two fairly low points covered with coniferous vegetation.


Platja des Riu de Santa Eulària A spit of land made from sand deposited by the river.


Cala de s'Alga Another corner which is part of the large bay of Santa Eulària; it is a small beach protected by a man-made barrier of stones.


Cala Nova An extensive beach divided into two sections by a central barrier of rocks.


Platja de s'Argamassa This is a section of the coast flanked by marine banks, with different points suitable for bathing and a small sandy beach in the middle.


Platja des Niu Blau Beach flanked by two small capes covered with vegetation which grows right up to the beach itself. An important torrent has its outlet to the sea here, adding much to the place's attractiveness.


Cala de Boix Beach in a setting surrounded by mountains of considerable height, covered with the island's characteristic greenery.


Cala Mastella The beach is made up of two coves, one forming a small beach and the other a charming boating corner. The whole is found within a narrow and sheltered inlet.


Canal d'en Martí (Pou des Lleó) This is an arrea of coast that forms a sheltered inlet, made up of low-lying coast among which is found the sandy strip that gives its name to the beach.


Aigua Blanca es Paller des Camp The whole comprises a very open bay facing directly east and with a sandy strip at the foot of the beautiful and very steep marine cliffs.


Platja de s'Estanyol Situated in one of the most untouched corners of the island, it consists of a small cove open to the south and protected by a headland in the form of a small peninsula.
San Juan / Sant Joan de Labritja


Port de Sant Miquel, Cala des Moltons, Es Pas de s'Illa Together this consists of three beaches of natural sand closely connected with each other and situated on a coastline of steep cliffs.


Cala de Portinatx This is a gulf situated in the island's most northern part, protected by a large headland and containing within it four different beaches: the beach of the port of Portinatx, S'Arenal Gros, S'Arenal Petit and Es Racó de sa Imatge.


Cala de Sant Vicent This is a cove entirely enclosed by massive pine-covered hills.


Cala de Benirràs This is another example of a small cove set among steep hills densely covered with pines. There is a seasonal torrent whose waters flow out over the sand.


Cala Xarraca Beach situated at the far end of a long inlet in which there are, besides this one, two other sandy beaches.


S'Illot des Renclí A small sandy strip protected by attractive rises and reefs of rock, with a wide range of fish present giving the place a marine ambience.


Cala Xuclà A stretch of coast where the shore forms an inlet in which the cove is positioned, flanked by sizeable hills. The mouth of a seasonal torrent is located on the sand.


Cala d'en Serra This is a deep coastal inlet at whose far end is found a strip of sand, bordered on each side by steep cliffs.

Platja de Talamanca Platja de ses Figueretes Platja d'en Bossa Platja des Cavallet
Platja de ses Salines Platja des Codolar Es Bol Nou Cala Jondal Cala Jondal
Es Xarco Cala des Cubells Cala d'Hort Cala Carbó
Cala Vedella Cala Molí Cala Tarida Cala Codolar
Platjes de Comte Cala Bassa Port des Torrent Es Pouet
Platja de Sant Antoni or Platja de s'Arenal Caló des Moro Cala Gració and Gracioneta Cala Salada
Platja de Santa Eulària Cala Llonga Platja des Canar Cala Llenya
Platja des Figueral Platja de Can Martina Cala Pada Platja des Riu de Santa Eulària
Caló de s'Alga Cala Nova Platja de s'Argamassa Platja des Niu Blau
Cala de Boix Cala Mastella Canal d'en Martí (Pou des Lleó) Aigua Blanca es Paller des Camp
Platja de s'Estanyol Port de Sant Miquel, Cala des Moltons, Es Pas de s'Illa Cala de Portinatx Cala de Sant Vicent
Cala de Benirràs Cala Xarraca S'Illot des Renclí Cala Xuclà
Cala d'en Serra